you need a warrant, officer.



So I work at a department sore that has recently expanded to canada, and we have this strange policy that if someone doesn't show up to their shift we don't contact them? I've never heard of this at any other job, have any other robins ran into this?


No, that’s weird.


sounds like some one’s trying to get some one else fired for a no call/no show. i don’t believe it’s necessarily in the company’s requirements to hunt people down for missing shifts.

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"In 1969 the median salary for a male worker was $35,567 (in 2012 dollars). Today it is $33,904. So for 44 years, while wages for the top 10 percent have continued to climb, most Americans have been caught in a ”Great Stagnation,” bringing into question the whole purpose of the American capitalist economy. The notion that what benefited the establishment would benefit everyone, had been thoroughly discredited."

The New Main Street Consensus (via wilwheaton)

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