you need a warrant, officer.



So I work at a department sore that has recently expanded to canada, and we have this strange policy that if someone doesn't show up to their shift we don't contact them? I've never heard of this at any other job, have any other robins ran into this?


No, that’s weird.


sounds like some one’s trying to get some one else fired for a no call/no show. i don’t believe it’s necessarily in the company’s requirements to hunt people down for missing shifts.

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Meet the Low-Key, Low-Cost Grocery Chain Being Called ‘Walmart’s Worst Nightmare’ | »



"…what really might scare the world’s largest retailer is how WinCo treats its employees. It provides health benefits to all staffers who work at least 24 hours per week. The company also has a pension, with employees getting an amount equal to 20% of their annual salary put in a plan that’s paid for by WinCo; a company spokesperson told the Idaho Statesman that more than 400 nonexecutive workers (cashiers, produce clerks and such) currently have pensions worth over $1 million apiece.

I’m so going there.

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