you need a warrant, officer.

#my life

age 24, year 2014, day 1.

dope night.
watching birdman whilst dabbing.
had some edible earlier, too.
played ibb & obb.
with 3 college minds, we got through about 30ish? minutes before it beat us.
chips & salsa.
so much chips & salsa.
christine’s poetry. i like poetry.
remembered that crown city rockers exists,
and so does hieroglyphics, for that matter. both from oakland.
wearing the falcon punch hat, so my cranium is properly fried.
gonna start watching the wire soon (haven’t watched any tv in a month or so?)
tomorrow is thursday, and idgaf.

Jan 2 2014 • 1 note

there it is again.

that voice saying “you aren’t good enough.”

i wish that jealousy wasn’t a trait i possessed.

May 25 2013 • 1 note


BAY AREA, born & raised. kush. dubstep. hip-hop. rasta. neon colors. cats. nature. zombies. psychology. graffiti. art. hallucinogens. breaking bad.

attracted to passion, addicted to connections, dependent on no one, accept everyone.

musics: benga, skream, kid cudi, e-40, mac dre, george watsky, a-1, king chip, tech n9ne, dream theater, zeds dead, nero, andre nickatina, kanye west, infected mushroom, magnetic man, the bloody beetroots, daft punk, dillon francis, major lazer, deadmau5, linkin park, steve aoki, pink floyd, and green day.

Nov 3 2012 • 3 notes


Kid Cudi -Just What I Am

words cannot describe how much i love this song. if you know how much i loved “pursuit of happiness” in 2010, well it’s like that. so fucking obsessed, probably listen to it like 10x a day IT’S SO PERFECT AND EOSEHVEOIVJWEOIVJ

every. single. word. <3

Oct 20 2012 • 26 notes

thanks, marry-wanna!

totally just annihilated what could have easily became an anxiety attack.

<3 tks

Sep 4 2012 • 1 note