+ the funny thing about tumblr is we all wanna.....



the funny thing about tumblr is we all wanna be friends but we dont know how to be

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was exactly what i needed, after 8 long days straight of work. adventured around the south bayyyy and dealt with traffic ALL FREAKING DAY. waited over an hour in line for the best bar experience i’ve ever had, tried fried pickles for the first time, got white girl wasted~ finally ate at iguana’s, watched a drunk guy lose one of the lenses on his sunglasses (which is what he gets for wandering around shitfaced and wearing sunglasses at 10:30pm), randomly ran up some stairs because i’m not sure why? and just yeah singlebarrel was the greatest wtffffff i was so legitimately sauced that i couldn’t stop giggling, i loved it. when a drink is properly crafted like that, you only need 3… and i DID almost puke. ALMOST. ;) and at least when i started driving bad in the afternoon, i stopped myself before making it worse… got some bad habits i’ve been trying to fix. going steady but consistently… gotta do this… ANYWAY

and it all started from buying a half, which means holy fuck i should be good for a while, HUZZAH~

i just love anything that makes me laugh nonstop like that, holy shit. i felt like i was just laughing for like hours on end. it wasn’t a perfect day, but DANG i haven’t had that much fun in a looooong time, AND it was a friday. damn, i got it made. tks @popolol @jclarneaux & @40ozdrinker :D gotta go back with bela and luis nextttttt OHEMGEE. :D :D :D

hhhhhhhhaaaaaaapppppppppyyyyyyy. :)