To all my stoner friends in states where marijuana is legal, is paranoia still a thing or no?

yep, have gotten pulled over by cops a couple times for non-cannabis reasons, and when they smell the bud we get the full lecture about how it’s against federal law, still a drug, they could search us, yadda yadda. basically they won’t do anything if that’s your only “offense.” from stories and my own experiences, it seems they want to keep people in fear…. but i think that goes beyond cannabis.

and so from those experiences, the paranoia still exists, i just don’t let it dampen my buzz. that’s just here in norcal.


Drugs are cool because almost every kind of person does them.


So far, I have been enjoying the Adventures of Business Cat a great deal, possibly more than is appropriate for an adult human. (All of these are from the webcomic Happy Jar)

UPDATE: Now with more Business.


you’re online all the time

"you’re online all the time" is what they say

upon observation of my phone usage frequency: nonstop to ny
dear future beings whom i may encounter, who i offend right away:
i acknowledge the fact that you are aware of my current phone status
and while i appreciate the updates on the developments,
i feel obliged to inform you, i tune them out;
i change the channel, i close the tab, i’m on with my night
but thank you for giving my filters full-time work plus benefits
though your mindless chatter goes in the spam folder,
interacting with people is the weirdest thing i’ve ever done
so i’m forced to take all opportunities with some sort of vague pride.
my mind is a machine, i have a lot going on at any given moment
i’m sure you do too, maybe try listening inward instead of only outward
our brains are just organs, just as our hearts, ears, and eyes
we are not robots, we don’t perform perfectly or consistently in any capacity
we are all bound to be blind, deaf, and dumb with time
i’m fine with that. are you?

i can get off my phone easily, you don’t even need to ask
all that needs to happen is something stimulating and/or wonderful;
theme parks and hikes and beaches and kittens come to mind
but when my amygdala and hippocampus are idle,
i lift myself to a higher inner power completely unannounced
learning is my favorite hobby, i do it whenever possible
taking bench presses in between human encounters
you see, i thrive on expanding my mind
while others focus on different groups of mucles in the human body,
i choose this one to sustain and mold exactly how i want
my mind is my most precious thing
it is the thing i’ve crafted my whole life,
a private gift from me from i
where only myself enjoys the ride,
and others just look on by
some offended.

i may be on my phone, but i’m on call with information
education is my regular shack that i prefer to dwell in
where others leave it messy and desolate, i take in all that i can
appreciating its very existence, no matter how sad
so, while the sight of my phone may be offending to you
rest easy tonight knowing most likely i wasn’t communicating with another being on the phone
when you saw me earlier at starbucks
i was just flying through the internet, the universal language of knowledge
and while it’s free, i must have it, i hoard it in my brain
expanding my universe, cruising anywhere my thoughts desire
growing my inner peace and understanding life one particule at a time
but you just need to vent while you wait, i get it
the universe is unjust to you today, you don’t deserve this
i’ll listen and participate when it’s real, something i take part in
wasted so much time on way too many 404 errors
i could scream.